Make the most of your time!

Learn about PlanArty by video-tutorials.


The efficiency of PlanArty stands out very well in this Calendar. Plan efficiently, and move promptly toward your goals!

To-do list

Set your goals, plan efficiently, and achieve them all. Ans as all the plannings revolve around a To-do list, in this video, you will learn how to make the most out of your To-do list in PlanArty

Time tracking

Time-tracking does increase your productivity and helps you get more results per unit of time. Therefore, you'll accomplish more and you'll reach your goals easier and faster while maintaining a proper life-work balance.


Learn how to define a New Project and how to include it in your Time tracking, To-Do list, and Someday tasks. Also, how you can access the data about your Projects in the list containing all their details, or in the list showing the hours and billable amounts.


Learn how to define a New Client and you can track the time you work for him, how you can plan your activities in your To-Do list, or include it on Someday tasks. Also, see how you can access the data about your Clients in the detail or grouped list.

Someday Tasks

You catch that great idea before it goes away, and put it on your Someday tasks list.