PlanArty - Features: Calendar

Plan efficiently, and move promptly toward your goals without unnecessary resumes or repeatable operations. Make plans directly in Calendar. From here, turn them into time-tracking with just a click. If necessary, you can reschedule a task without even having to open it. View your planning or time-tracking, or even both so you can make a comparison between what you've planned and what you've accomplished. In this video, we guide you in terms of:
  • Use the Daily Calendar on the Dashboard
  • Have an overview by using the Detailed Calendar to see Daily, Weekly or Monthly calendar
  • display your To-do list items or Time-tracking lines, or even both
  • transform the to-do list items directly into time-tracking lines
  • process the records as you need
In addition to Calendar, you can also use Planned day VS Real Day, an objective comparison between what you set out to do and what you actually did, to take timely measures and to keep yourself on the right path. Learn more about time management on PlanArty’s blog