Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

In the left menu access Business → Calendar

Select whether you want to see your Calendar for the

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

Choose if you want to see your

  • Planning (To-do list items) - identified by a pushpin icon
  • Time tracking recording - identified by a stopwatch icon
  • All items - both planning and tracking
Note: the planned items marked as “Done” will be displayed in a lighter shade and a strikethrough description

On the Calendar you can:

  • Create new planning by selecting the time frame where you want to include it, this opens the "Create To-do item" window
  • Change the time frame of a To-do item with Drag & Drop
  • Change the duration of a To-do item by dragging its bottom edge
  • Edit the records (both tracking and planings) by clicking on them

Use the right-click to access one of the options in the lists

  • For time-tracking records: Clone, Edit only the description, Edit the record
  • For To-do list items: Start, Set as done, Edit the record, Clone, Delete
Note: The Calendar is also displayed on the Dashboard