Customization and general setting options

Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

User settings
  • You can set the theme on "Dark" or "Light" depending only on how you like it best.
  • Timezone, Date & time format, and the First day of your week
  • The currency, the position of its display, and the number of decimals.
  • Your billing information
Your Projects
  • Its Client
  • Billable or not, and the Hourly rate
  • The color in which its Activities will be displayed in the Calendar
Note: All the initial settings can be edited at any time.
General options
  • To Edit, Delete, or Clone a record, use the related buttons on the right side of each line.
  • Edit ONLY the Description of a record by clicking on that particular Description. The text can be formatted in various ways. You can include bullet/number lists, change text colors or highlights, attach images, include links, change the alignment or indent, or change the form of the font (bold, italic, underlined)
  • In records lists, choose which columns you want to see(Settings button on the upper-right corner of the table)
  • Choose a chronological or alphabetical order of records in lists (click on the column header)
  • In planning lists, also view the activities marked as "done" by checking the corresponding box
  • Choose if you want to see the Paid or Unpaid Invoices, or all of them (check the corresponding box)
  • Use Multiple selection (e.g. in Quotations), to apply one of the actions available in the "Actions" button, namely "Delete", "Export quotation", "Export estimate"
  • Use the Search button to search anything/anywhere in your records, even a part of a word used in a Description