Estimate / Quotation

Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

In the left menu access Business → Quotation

Select the Project. Thus, the Project and its Client will appear automatically in each line of Estimates that you will create, but you can still change them if necessary.

For each one of the Activities that you want to include in this Estimate / Quotation, perform the following set of operations

  • Click on the "New Quotation line" button
  • Write the Description of the activity to be performed. You can edit the text as you wish, and even apply links
  • Approximate (as accurately as possible) the time required to perform the activity described in the previous step
  • The Project and the Client are already selected but you can change them if necessary.
  • Select from the list the corresponding Activity
  • For the data like Billable or not, the Hourly rate and Color will appear by default the settings made for the selected Project. You can also change any of these settings.
  • Save

Once you have created all the lines, you can select them and export the Estimate or Quotation by using the button for multiple selection “Actions”
Make this information available to your future Client when you place your offer for the project.

After winning the Project, just move your Estimate to the next stage, namely project planning, by just editing the records to set a start date and time for each activity.

Note: When you have created the Estimate, you have already approximated the time required to perform the activity. Therefore the end date and time will be automatically calculated based on this, but if necessary, you can change this period at any time.

In this way, the records will turn into To-do list items and you can find them in Calendar, To-do list, Project Breakdown.