Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

In the left menu access Business → Invoices

To create a new one, press the button “New Invoice”

  • Upload your logo. (drag&drop also works), Its dimensions will be automatically adjusted to fit.
  • Your or your company's data is already filled in, and the information is taken from what you have set in Account settings. You can edit them if you want.
  • The Client identification data are to be completed only for the first Invoice issued, subsequently, the program will automatically fill this when you select the Client.
  • Fill in the invoice identification data (number, date of issue, due date, number/date of the related order)
  • Fill in the lines of the invoice with the Description of the invoiced item, the Unit Price, and the Quantity (the totals will be calculated automatically)
    Note: If you are going to send the Invoice accompanied by the corresponding Detailed timesheet, then you can enter shorter descriptions, e.g. "Editing services according to the detailed timesheet no 017 / 03.03.2021 attached"
  • Click on "+ Add taxes" to apply the corresponding taxes for each line
  • If appropriate the set the percent of the Discount to be applied
  • Optional you may also complete the fields “Notes” and “Terms”
  • Press the “Create invoice” button

Export it to pdf using the button on the Invoice line

When the invoice is paid put the check on it, to make it easy for you to keep track of your payments.

On the Invoices list
Select a time interval and a certain Client to see the corresponding invoices

Note: displayed totals (paid and unpaid) always reflect invoices from the selection made

Billing data

  • Grouped list displays the totals for selections made. See at a glance the number of hours and the exact amount to be invoiced. (also accessible from Dashboard the upper-right corner)
  • Detailed timesheet includes all details related to the records related to the selection made. You cal also export it in excel (and attach it to the invoice)