Project breakdown

Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

You will get this automatically after you have planned the Activities related to a Project.

In the left menu access Business → Project breakdown

Select the Project and all planned activities related to it will be displayed. Check the corresponding checkbox if you also want to see the ones that you have already marked as done.

Here you have the timeline of the selected Project and you can make any necessary changes, also delete lines or add new activities.

You can also export your Project breakdown and a great idea would be to make it available to your Client.

Note: Any Client will be delighted to see how professionally you have managed the planning of their project. Moreover, knowing exactly what the next steps are and when each one is going to be done, your entire collaboration will go smoothly, and worry-free.

When you'll move on to the next step, which is to actually work on an Activity related to this project, all you'll have to do is to press Start on it. You can do this directly from your To-do list, Calendar, Dashboard.

The Project breakdown is available for any of your projects, not only for the ones that come from Estimates.
You can use it to see the timeline, to make any necessary adjustments, to compare / analyze what is already “done” and what you still have to work on. It is easier to keep things under control when you see the big picture with all its details.