Time tracking

Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

Initialization of a time tracking can be made from:
a. START button in the top bar

Also from here you can Stop the recording or choose to Discard the active tracking

Note: You can start a new time-tracking recording without even completing any of the data. Simply click on Start and it's on!
  • write the Description (optional)
  • select de Project (optional)
  • select the Activity (optional)
  • check billable or not
  • choose color

If necessary change the color, if it is billable or not, and the hourly rate. By default are displayed the ones related to the selected project.

b. The records from your To-do list and Someday tasks list
c. Directly on the Calendar for any planned activity
d. Dashboard from "This week To-do list items" and Calendar

Editing & Cloning of your time-tracking lines are available on

  • Top bar for the active time-tracking
  • The Detailed list - Excel export also available
  • Calendar
  • Dashboard’s Calendar
  • Detailed timesheet - Excel export available
Note: There is also the possibility to edit only the Description of a time tracking line

Viewing & processing can be done from:

  • The Detailed list - include every detail of your time-trackings
  • Grouped list - to see at a glance exactly the hours & amounts you are interested in
  • Calendar - a visual display of all your activities
  • Detailed timesheet - Excel export available