Detailed timesheet

Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

You will get this automatically for all your time-tracking records.

In the left menu access Business → Detailed timesheet

Select the Project
Choose the time period
Will be displayed all the time-trackings made in that time range for the selected Project.

If necessary you can also Search for certain Activities or even certain words included in the Description of the displayed tracks.

On the list, you can Edit or Clone any of the lines. Also, you can arrange them as you need from the titles of the columns.

The totals are calculated for the selection made, both for the number of hours and for the billable amount. Therefore, from the Detailed timesheet, you get everything you need to issue the invoice.

The Export list button helps you get this list to an excel format. Edit it as you like or simply attach it to the Invoice.

Note: An invoice that comes with the Detailed timesheet is usually paid on time and without any comments. The total transparency on the costs included in the invoice gives an extra note of professionalism and increases the Client's confidence in your collaboration.