To-Do list

Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

In the left menu access Planning → To-Do list

Create a new record by following the path above, or created it from the quick actions button ↯

  • Write down the Description as detailed as you need (multiple edit options).
  • Set the date&time range (without the time frame, the recording will go to Someday tasks)
  • Select the Project (optional)
  • Select the Activity (optional)

If necessary change the color, if it is billable or not, and the hourly rate. By default are displayed the ones related to the selected project.

  • Save the To-do item

What can you do next with your Someday tasks?

  • initiate it as a Time-tracking line by pressing Start
  • delete the date & time and it will be transferred to the Someday tasks list
  • initiate it as a Time-tracking line by pressing Start
Note: There is also the possibility to edit only the Description of aTo-do list item.

If you have already taken care of it, then you can mark it as “done” and later you can also choose to see, or not, these items on the list

  • Editing & Cloning of your To-do items are available on
  • To-do list - Excel export also available
  • Calendar
  • Dashboard’s Calendar
  • Project breakdown

In Calendar you can select to display To-do list items as well. This will help you see the big picture of your schedule. Moreover, you can create or edit your plans right here. It is the safest way to avoid overloading your schedule or overlapping planned activities.