Streamlined workflows

Detailed PlanArty feature description & usage tips

Go on a straight line from Estimate to Invoice
  1. Create an Estimate/Quotation line
  2. when you planning it by setting its Start date & time, it goes to your To-do list
  3. Note: Once you have planned the activities related to any project, you can export its Project Breakdown
  4. It turns into a Time-tracking line when you press Start to work on it
  5. Note: Once the time tracking is done for the activities related to any project, you can export its Detailed timesheet
  6. Easily issue the Invoice
  7. Note: The billing hours & amount can also be found in the Grouped list

Be flexible with your plans whenever you need to

  • Schedule a Someday task by adding the date and time, and it will become an item in your To-do list
    someday task todo list
  • Changed your mind on something already planned? Delete its date & time and it will move to Someday task.
    todo list someday task
  • You thought of doing this taskā€¦ Someday, but now is the right time? Press Start and turn it into a time-tracking line
    someday task time tracking
  • Run any of your To-do list items by pressing Start
    todo list time tracking

Easily adjust to any situation in no time

  • Create a to-do list item on the Calendar by selecting the time slot for it.
  • Change the schedule by taking the to-do item and drag & drop it to another period.
  • Adjust the allotted time interval for a To-do list item, by dragging the bottom line of it

Always stay on track

  • Check the "Planned Day" for the differences between what you set out to do and the time you actually spent on those activities. It is displayed as a time difference (numbers), a bar graph, and also as a pie chart.
  • In Calendar choose to see both To-do list items and Time-tracking lines. You can easily compare them at a glance.