Feeling overworked?

How it happens, how it affects you and how to avoid it.

Overworked is such a common feeling between people with a growth mindset, self-employed professionals and small business owners.

Everyone wants to
  • do as many things as possible
  • meet their goals
  • make your business prosperous

To accomplish all this, many times you have to work beyond your strength or capacity. It happens sometimes that you focus on accomplishing everything you set out to do and, almost without realizing it, you are working too much, for too long, or maybe you are working too hard.

How do you get to feel overworked?

When you work on your own, you have the opportunity to set your schedule and work at your own pace. At the same time, your motivation to do as many things as possible is very strong. For these reasons, you'll often try to do more than is possible and at one point you’ll get to feel overworked.

Some of the things that can bring you to this situation are:
  • Overloading daily agenda
  • Setting unrealistic deadlines
  • Trying to do too many things at once
  • Not respecting what you’ve planned
  • Spending too many hours at your workplace

Working like this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Most of the time the negative effects are very powerful and they are strongly affecting you. Taking this into account, when you’ll draw the line you’ll realize that maybe you’ve got what you wanted, but the paid price is too high and it's not worth it.

When you get very involved in what you do professionally, and the boundary between your work and private time is lost. Most of the time your private time loses ground in favor of your working hours.

Before you realize that you feel overworked, the negative effects of it will already be influencing both your professional and personal life. The balance between those two is no longer a good one.

Feeling overworked - which are the negative effects and how it affects you?

Being overworked can affect you in many ways. Mental, physical and emotional negative effects may appear. These are interconnected and all together will cause chain reactions in your body and your life.

The stress and exhaustion that occurs when you are overworked can cause attention problems, sleep, depression, diabetes, impaired memory, and even heart diseases or strokes. The influence that all these have on the efficiency of the activities and work productivity, is the opposite of what you are trying to obtain.

  • The lack of attention increases the incidence of accidents
  • A poor memory makes you forget important things
  • Difficulties in concentration will make deadlines difficult to meet
  • Depression drastically decreases your creativity and your livelihood
  • The lack of communication makes collaboration difficult
  • Increased fatigue can lead to heart disease or even strokes

This is not something you need and it will not help you to reach your goals faster or easier. On the contrary, in the long term, feeling overworked will hinder you in this process.

How to avoid becoming overworked

It is understandable that you are passionate about your business and that you want to thrive. Also, it is understandable that you want to perform well both in your private professional life.

But you have to keep in mind that to perform at full capacity you need to have a good balance between these two. A good balance is one of the success factors and here are some steps that will help you in this regard
Plan your weekly activities the previous weekend
to do list
Make a To-do list for the next day the night before
estimate time
Estimate as accurately as possible the time required to complete each activity
Only schedule as many activities as you know you will be able to accomplish
unforseen time
Keep time available for any unforeseen events
relax time
Set aside time for relaxation and movement
track time
Keep tracking your time to make sure you respect your plans and do not overdo it
Be flexible with your plans and adjust them as needed

With a well-planned and organized way of working you can have high productivity and you don’t risk feeling overworked. The steps above are within anyone's reach, are easy to apply and have proven efficiency.

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How to recover if you already feeling overworked

If you realize that somehow you are already feeling overworked, you should take immediate action to lower the negative effects and to get back on track.

  • First of all try to take a break, relax and rest. Then start practicing some sport, something that you like and enjoy doing. From the start, this will help you feel better.
  • To make sure you get enough rest, use this Sleep calculator to see how many hours of sleep are recommended for you and in what time interval. It even helps you include an afternoon nap in your program.
  • Then, you may analyze how you work and how you spend your time. To do this, use a time-tracking program. It will help you see what your time management flaws are so that you can take the necessary measures.
  • Rethink how you allocate time on different tasks, plan your activities and keep track of your time so you always have control of your time.

You will work more relaxed knowing exactly what to do both in the present moment and next. This way you will be able to reach your goals and make your business thrive.

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