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Easily manage your schedule, time, and activities by prioritizing everything directly in the Calendar.

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Simple framing for all your plans

weekly view showing tasks

On the PlanArty Calendar you can see your time availability and easily plan new things without overlapping tasks

Keep yourself on track

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Compare your planning with the time tracking recording to know exactly how you are doing

Overview or detailed view

monthly view showing trackings

Choose to see daily, weekly or monthly activities, depending on how you need them at the time.

Everything at hand in PlanArty

Dashboard showing calendar and to-do list

What you've already done, what you're working on, and what else you have to do that day, it's all there

Details matter

mobile view with trackings and to-do items with different colors and icons
trackings and to-do items with different colors and icons
trackings and to-do items with different colors and icons

Everything is crystal clear in your schedule when the records are marked with specific identification icons and colours.

Change is easy

moving calendar events by dragging

Easily re-schedule your activities for another time or edit the current interval by drag & drop them as you need

Additional Calendar features through which PlanArty improves time-management

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Work smart, save your time and energy, be productive, and thrive at what you do

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