Continuous workflow

Continuous workflow

for reliable, high-quality results and a faster delivery

A strategy to improve your daily processes, to stand out in a competitive marketplace and grow your business

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Estimate Planning Time tracking Invoice

Estimate -> Planning-> Time tracking-> Invoice

The shortest and the most efficient path from offers to invoice

Planning Project breakdown

Planning -> Project breakdown

Create the best schedule for all the activities included in your projects

Time tracking Detailed timesheet

Time tracking -> Detailed timesheet

Total control over the timeline of the activities carried out in your projects

Someday tasks To-do list

Someday tasks <-> To-do list

A Someday task item can become part of your plans, and a To-do list item can be kept in Someday tasks until the time is right.

Plan directly on the PlanArty Calendar

moving calendar events by dragging

Move your plannings across the PlanArty Calendar or change the allotted time slot without even open the recording.

To-do list & Someday tasks Time tracking

Someday tasks list
Someday tasks list start button
Someday tasks list start button

They were planned for later or sometime but now is the right time? Just click Start and they are on.

Additional features through which the Continuous worflow of PlanArty improves time-management

Other time management features

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Determined people

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Use your time wisely, focus on fulfilling all your big dreams, and enjoy the success


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Work smart, save your time and energy, be productive, and thrive at what you do

Small business owners

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Simplify the way you work, accomplish more in less time and grow your business