someday tasks

Someday Tasks

to keep all the possibilities of the future

Great ideas and things to do.... sometimes, someday?

Stick with it, but don't sweat on it. In PlanArty it all goes on Someday tasks list and out of your mind until you reassess it.

Start my Someday tasks list

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Save it for later

quick action starts someday task
quick action starts someday task

You catch that great idea before it goes away, and put it on your Someday tasks list.

The right time will come.

Free your mind

someday task editing window

With PlanArty you can focus on what is important knowing that whenever you want you can re-evaluate your Someday tasks

Keep it under control with PlanAry

Someday tasks list

Whenever you think it is appropriate, re-evaluate the items saved in this list and take action as you see fit.

Your mix of possibilities

Your mix of possibilities

Clone, Edit, Export, Delete or even Start...

After all, they are your Someday tasks, do whatever you think is beneficial for you.

Plan it for a certain time

setting time to someday task

To plan when you will be working on a Someday task, set its date and time, and it will automatically enter the To-do list.

Take action when the time is right

Someday tasks list
Someday tasks list start button
Someday tasks list start button

If NOW is a perfect time for a particular Someday task, then just press Start on it and it’s on.

Additional functions by which PlanArty makes Someday tasks more efficient

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How can I have all this?

Determined people

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Use your time wisely, focus on fulfilling all your big dreams, and enjoy the success


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Work smart, save your time and energy, be productive, and thrive at what you do

Small business owners

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