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Time tracking suitable for your needs

time tracking suitable for your needs
Start tracking button
Start tracking button

From any device, at any time, you can track all your hours, whether they are billable or non-billable.

For added efficiency, you can even just press Start and then fill in the data later.

Timely insights at a glance

timely insights at a glance

In PlanArty you can see at a glance the stage of your progress and adapt accordingly.

An effective way to avoid procrastination, increase productivity and keep the track of your progress.

Better planning for workloads

better planning

Use anterior data to see how long you need to complete certain tasks.

Make future estimates more accurate and gain a more organized and stress-free way of working.

Accurate billing amounts

accurate billing

All the hours and related amounts spent on certain activities or projects are automatically calculated.

This saves you a lot of time and energy that you can use in a profitable way.

Detailed timesheet for billing

detailed timesheet

Attach to each invoice a thorough situation of the hours spent on the project.

Export the list from PlanArty and add a professional touch to your invoicing.

Better time management

better time management

Compare what you set out to do with what you had accomplished.

Understand your work trends and take the necessary steps to reach the desired results faster.

Additional features through which PlanArty simplifies and improves time tracking

See all the benefits of using PlanArty's time tracking solution

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