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PlanArty's To-do list helps you focus and get more things done. Very easy to use, follows a continuous workflow that saves you time in both long and short term

Plus, you can export a Detailed project scheduling at any time and without any additional effort. That's a big plus!

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Free trial for 14 days, all features included.

Free trial 14 days

free trial
  • No credit card required, all features included
  • Forever free plan, upgrade available anytime

Money back guarantee

money back guarantee
  • 60 days for yearly payment
  • 10 days for the monthly payment

Cloud-based software

cloud based software
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Short and long term planning

short and long term planning

Plan exactly as you need to, for long or short time, with more or less details.

Include the date, time and the approximate number of hours required, or just the date.

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Estimate your time when planning

Estimate your time when planning

You can plan an estimated number of hours needed to accomplish a certain task.

For a more accurate estimate you can always check anterior records on similar tasks.

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Be flexible with your plans

Be flexible with your plans

You can directly Start an item from your to-do list.

Just as you can also reschedule or cancel the set date. It will move into Someday tasks until a new evaluation.

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Customize the display

customize the display

Perfectly tailored for you. You choose what data you want displayed.

Did you mark a task as "done" but changed your mind? Nothing easier, just "undone" it.

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Excel export & Detailed project scheduling

Excel export & Detailed project scheduling

By exporting to Excel you can process and use the data however you need. Just press the button.

Provide clients with Detailed project scheduling when you arranged a program tailored to their needs. It works like magic!

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Track the progress, enjoy your achievements

Track the progress, enjoy your achievements

See on dashboard how your to-do list items turn into time-tracking lines.

Acknowledge your achievements and become more motivated to move towards your goals.

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Additional features through which PlanArty simplifies the use of To-do list

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Determined people

determined people

Use your time wisely, focus on fulfilling all your big dreams, and enjoy the success

Self-employed professionals

self-employed professionals

Work smart, save your time and energy, be productive, and thrive at what you do

Small business owners

cloud based software

Simplify the way you work, accomplish more in less time and grow your business