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to plan and accomplish more than ever

Making your planning with PlanArty's To do list gets you on the fast track towards accomplishing your goals.

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Short and long term planning

short and long term planning

Because you have both short-term and long-term goals, you can plan them accordingly so that you can reach each one exactly when you want it.

Make your To-do list more efficient

Estimate your time when planning
Estimate your time when planning
Estimate your time when planning

You get more things done when you plan everything exactly as you need it, and you also set aside blocks of time for all your activities.

Be flexible with your plans

Be flexible with your plans

In PlanArty you can easily adapt your plans to the new conditions.

Postpone, reschedule, or even start right now if this is what you need to do.

Focus on what matters

customize the display
customize button
customize button

Customize the display and make it suit you perfectly.

See or not what you’ve already marked as "done" and change this status if the situation requires it.

See the big picture

calendar with to-do items

Work, plan, modify, adapt. Keep all the details on sight and view your schedules or even make your planning directly into the Calendar.

Track the progress, enjoy your achievements

Track the progress, enjoy your achievements

See on dashboard how your to-do list items turn into time-tracking lines.

Acknowledge your achievements and become more motivated to move towards your goals.

Additional features through which PlanArty simplifies the use of To-do list

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Determined people

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Use your time wisely, focus on fulfilling all your big dreams, and enjoy the success


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Work smart, save your time and energy, be productive, and thrive at what you do

Small business owners

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Simplify the way you work, accomplish more in less time and grow your business