Features: Time Tracking

PlanArty - Features: Time tracking

Time-tracking does increase your productivity and helps you get more results per unit of time. Therefore, you'll accomplish more and you'll reach your goals easier and faster while maintaining a proper life-work balance.

This video guides you through the use of time-tracking in PlanArty. You will learn how to:

  • initiate a new Time tracking in various situations. For example, from one of your To-do list items or from one of your Someday tasks
  • edit your existing Time-tracking records, or only their Description if the case, and how to Clone an existing time-tracking line if you need to initiate a new one, similar to an existing record
  • check the summary of your entries on the Grouped list if you are interested in totals
  • See all the details of your time tracking records, how to process and export them from Detailed list

  • Learn more about time management and productivity on PlanArty’s blog
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