6 tips to manage your time better

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Do you want to:
  • Manage your time to make the most of it
  • Accomplish more each day
  • Make your business thrive
  • Work relaxed and enjoy every minute.

Applying the following 6 tips will get you immediate results:

1. To manage your time, first of all, set the desired outcome

Of course, you want to manage your time better, but that means, first of all, to know what you have to do. Therefore, the first thing would be to establish what you want to achieve. Starting from here you’ll establish which the course of action is. You will know which way to take precisely because you know where you want to go


For the things you want to do but for which you have not yet set an exact runtime, open a list of Someday tasks and write them down there. This way you will free your mind so you can focus on what you have to do in the present moment. At the same time, you’ll be sure that you don’t forget about them and that at the right moment you will schedule them for execution

2. Manage your time by planning each week

At the end of each week, determine what you want to do next week, eventually set some general guidelines for each day. It is important that all these intermediate planning include both the activities that lead to the fulfillment of major goals and also any other activities that you have to do. This type of intermediate planning helps you manage your time in an efficient manner


Include in To-Do list all the activities for which you have set a certain runtime. Also, allocate some time for whatever you think it might happen unexpectedly. Be flexible with your plans and adjust them on the go to better suit existing situations.

3. Plan the next day the previous evening to manage your time efficiently

Each evening, prepare your plans for the next day. To manage your time efficiently you must allocate a certain amount of time to each activity. Also, plan your activities according to the level of energy you know you have over the day and also save some time for any unexpected interruptions.


Set both the start time and the end time. Deadlines help you mobilize better to finish the activity on time. Without a clear deadline, you are more likely to spend on it more time than necessary on some activities, at the expense of other things to do.

4. Use a time tracking method to make sure you stay on track

To manage your time in an efficient way you have to track your time. This way, you make sure that you do the right thing at the right time. Track your time both during professional and personal activities. Both are equally important in your life and it is important to find a good balance between them.


As you track your time, you will find out how much time you need for certain activities as well as in which part of the day you are more efficient in different activities. This will allow you to estimate and plan better in the future and you’ll make the most of all your time.

5. Stick to single-tasking

To get high-quality results in the shortest time possible, focus your attention on a single task at the time. This is the most productive way to work efficiently. As you plan your day and know exactly what's next, you can focus on the present moment, work more relaxed and be more creative


Remove as much as possible the things that can distract you from what you do. During the time interval when you need to work focused on something, do not check your phone, emails or social media. To make sure you manage to do this, turn off the notifications.

6. Reserve time for sport and relaxation

Even if you have a lot to do, it is advisable that from time to time, if possible between tasks, take a break to relax a little and detach yourself from the completed activity. Include these breaks in your planning. It is not necessarily necessary to write down what you are going to do during that break, but reserve time for it.


Use these breaks to do a little sport or to check your social media or personal phone. It helps you to manage your time efficiently. While working you will focus better on what you are doing, as you already know that you will deal with personal communication during the next break.

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