Time management for a constructive approach of the social isolation

How to manage your time during the COVID-19 pandemic

work from home

Time management can help you to approach in a constructive way the isolation period and the social distancing. A good time planning is also beneficial when you need to overcome the challenges of these difficult times.

You have to mobilize yourself so that you can get through everything that is happening right now. And if you manage your time in an efficient manner, you will succeed to be strong and stay optimistic. This is helpful in order to cope well with the present situation.

Manage your time so that you make the most of it.

In a day are the same number of hours as before, and you should take advantage of all of them. Plan as many activities as you want, and then strictly follow your time planning.

Two of the problems that can arise during isolation and social distancing can be tackled efficiently through efficient time management:

  • Procrastination, which is more plausible when you have to work from home, because there may always appear something that distracts you. You can avoid it through efficient time planning. Set aside time for both work and relaxation, but do every single thing at the appointed time.

Time management ideas

Create a To do list and let it become your guide during this period. Something like this:
Is the activity I want to do, already planned for now in my to-do list?

  • Yes, it is on my to do list exactly for now
Ok, then do it now

  • Yes, it is on my to do list, but for later
Get back on doing on what’s planned for now, this will be done when scheduled

  • No, it’s not on my to do list
Plan it for later and get back on track
  • Isolation anxiety can occur after a while, but at the same time it can be easily overcome if you manage your time efficiently and keep yourself busy.

Time planning ideas

Write down everything you want to do in the list you decide will be "My to do list". Whenever you have some free time take a look at this list. Surely you will find something interesting that will keep you busy for a while.

You can prevent procrastination and isolation anxiety by paying extra-attention to your time planning, and especially if you respect what you have planned.
Here are some techniques that can help you to adopt a constructive approach to isolation and social distancing:

Plan your days the evening before as part of your time management routine

Each evening, determine what you want to do the next day and set the time intervals for the planned activities.
The days start much more relaxed when you already know what to do. This way you don’t have to make decisions first thing in the morning. Another advantage of this is the proven fact that overnight it is possible to even find solutions for the problems you have proposed to work on the next day.

For an efficient time management:

Use PlanArty's To-do list and enjoy all the benefits you get by using this time tracking solution. The program, specially created for time tracking and time planning, adapts to your needs and allows you to be flexible with your plans.

Get yourself ready for the day to better manage your time

Every morning, follow your routine as if you were going to work. This fact in itself will have a positive effect on your productivity. Your mood will be much improved if you avoid staying in bed for too long.

To better manage your time:

Make sure you rest properly. PlanArty’s Sleep calculator helps you to plan the exact sleep hours recommended for you. Wake up at the same time you used to. Perform your morning rituals with all that it entails. Get dressed and start your activities immediately.

Work in a designated space to increase your productivity

Set up a room, or a certain place in a room, where you can perform your professional activities. Try to arrange it according to the specificity of your activities. This fact will help you to detach yourself from what is around you and focus better on what you have to do.

For an increased productivity:

Perform each type of activity in a specific space. Use the kitchen only to prepare food and eat, the bedroom only to rest and the office space only to carry out your professional activities. This will also create a diversity feeling as you go from one activity to another, from professional to personal space.

Use a time tracking solution

When we work "from home" we are more prone to such errors. It is quite easy to get along with all kinds of things and forget about what we had to do, thus causing delays, or to dive into work too deep and not be aware of the passage of time. Neither situation is beneficial to us. We need order and discipline in the daily program to deal with this situation on the long run

Time tracking suggestion:

Use PlanArty Time Management Solution to control how you spend your time. Plan your activities, track your time and enjoy while doing so. Achievements of any kind are very good stimulants of our psyche. As you will see how your planned activities are accomplished one by one you will be able to enjoy your achievements and this will bring you a positive mood.

Include sport in your daily activities

Sport is good for us, especially since it stimulates our immune system and this is very useful in the current situation. There is no need for performance sports, but we need to move. You can even plan 2-3 short periods of movement throughout the day. That will also give you a boost of energy.

Stick to your planning:

PlanArty comes to your aid to stay on track with everything you have proposed. Planed day versus Real day functionality is an objective comparison between what you have planned and what you have achieved. This way you'll find an extra motivation to respect your plans.

Make plans for the future

Be optimistic, full of hope and look forward to the future. During the isolation period, spend quality time doing useful and beneficial things for now, and also making plans for our future. Everything will be easier when you know that at the end of this period you'll have to do beautiful things and accomplish all your great goals.

Focus on the present and keep all the possibilities of the future:

In PlanArty's Someday tasks list, write down all the wonderful ideas you have and all the things you want to do. This way you can rest assured that you will not forget about them and at the same time you will free your mind so that you can devote 100% of your attention to the things you have to do now.