How an online marketing agency uses PlanArty

gyarmati attila

Business: Online Marketing
Location: Hungary

For years now, most of the marketing process has moved online and it is not easy for an entrepreneur to keep up with the news in this field, especially if his business operates in a completely different industry.

And this is where we from Marketing Eszközök intervene. Ever since 2008, when we entered the world of entrepreneurship in online marketing, we help our clients to develop new marketing channels with concrete and practical tips, explanations and a constantly expanding collection of tools.

That's what we're good at, that's what we do, and we've even created an online marketing course to teach our clients about online marketing as well.

Instead, when it comes to invoicing our billable hours we rely entirely on PlanArty.

Because it's about the time we've invested in our clients' projects, it's just as important and valuable to us, as it is to them. Therefore, we need everything in our invoices to be fair and accurate so that we can build good, long-term relationships with our customers, based on respect and trust.

Automated invoicing is for us the key element in PlanArty

We work for many Clients, and for some of them we have several Projects in progress at the same time. For each of the Projects, we carry out both billable and not-billable Activities.

Well… even so, it’s still easy for me to invoice! :)

For the time interval that interests me, I make the desired selection for Client/ Project/Activity and press the button Create Invoice. Everything is already calculated and what's more, with a single click I can attach to the Detailed invoice the timesheet for the hours included in the invoice.

The option to have a separate “Description for invoice” on time records

This one helps me a lot because I can write down comments, details... anything that interests me on a certain task, and at the same time when I create the invoice I don't have to delete my own notes. Maybe I will still need them in the future.

Reports where I can see at a glance all the information I need

With PlanArty’s reports I know at any given time exactly how much time was allocated to different projects in a month, and how much money came from these projects. And that really interests me. Filters are also very useful because I find the information very quickly among my thousands of time records.

Cloning for time records

I use the Clone feature a lot because it often happens that I work on the same task, but in different time intervals, and then I just Clone the previous recording.

PlanArty's features and streamlined workflow increase my efficiency and helped me improve the profitability of my projects.

Gyarmati Attlia
CEO Marketing Eszközök