designed to improve your productivity in a simple and efficient way

Everything that PA provides is designed to help you. You organize yourself better, work more efficiently and become more productive, which leads to a remarkable increase in revenues and profits

Time tracking

More about Time Tracking

Suitable for your needs

Anytime, Anywhere track all your hours, whether they are billable or not. For added efficiency, just press Start and then fill in the data later.s

Data grouping

At any time you know exactly where to find the necessary information. All data is well structured into Categories / Subcategories / Clients / Projects

Billable / Non-billable hours

The time spent in non-money making activities is as important as all the billing hours. To make the difference just check the box.

Description editing

You can also edit only the Description of the tracks. Quick and easy, without even opening the track. Maximum efficiency, zero waste of time.

Clone similar tracks

To work effectively does not mean writing the same thing over and over again. Just press Clone. That's it, you are back on track.

Excel export

Do you need the data in a certain format? Nothing easier. Export in Excel and use the spreadsheet exactly as you need.

Accurate billing hours and amounts

You focus on the important things. Calculations are automatically made for all your time-tracks, for both hours and  billable amount.

Customize the display

You decide what data you want to see in the list. Just check the columns and choose to display exactly what interests you.

Detailed timesheet for billing

Billing day becomes simpler than ever. Export the Detailed timesheet and attach it to the invoice. Happy customers lead to high revenues.

Account customization

You work with PlanArty daily so you want to like it. Change the background, how time is displayed, what day starts the week ... It's up to you

Timely insight

Find on Dashboard all important data regarding your time-tracking. The current track, the previous ones, even what you have planned next.

Direct access to lists

Need more details about your recordings? Nothing easier. You have access to the detailed list directly from the dashboard

At a glance

Want to know exactly the time spent and the billable amount for a particular class of data? Use the Grouped list. It displays exactly that.

To do list

More about To-do list

Plan according to your needs

Plan on a long or short term, exactly as you need to get exactly where you want. With PlanArty everything becomes possible!

Estimate time

Plan your day and estimate the number of hours if you haven't decided on something exactly yet. There is nothing in the way of your planning.

Estimated amount

You always know what to expect. Set hourly rates when planning and everything will be clear from the beginning.

Always know what's next

The to-do list items are displayed on dashboard, you can see them at a glance. Nothing takes you by surprise and you never forget tasks.

Excel export

Use the data however you want. They are updated in real time and you can export them at any time. Just press the button.

Start whenever you want

Do you want to do right now something set for later? Things can be unpredictable but PlanArty is ready. Press the Start button and get on it.

Exact values

Everything is accurately calculated. Select what you want to see and automatically are also displayed the number of hours and the related amount.

Flexibility ensured

Be flexible with your plans. Changed your mind or something came up? Edit the recording or reschedule it. It's so simple!

Someday tasks

More about Someday Tasks

Tasks reassessment

Examine the Someday tasks list whenever you think it is necessary and reassess the status of the tasks. The ideas here must become reality

Focus on the present

Put here all the tasks that you are committed to do but still don’t know when. Until further reassessment don't think about them.

Continuity in the workflow

Schedule a task from Someday list just by setting the time interval. Or directly to time tracking by pressing Start. Simple and efficient.

Editing and processing options

Filter, edit, clone, delete, set as done / not done, display done items, or export the list. You can do all this with your Someday tasks.

Planned VS Done

Details on Planned VS Done

Keep yourself on track

Additional help to comply with the proposed planning. Or maybe adjust the planning where appropriate

Differentiated planning

The distribution of activities and allocated hours difference between weekdays and weekends. Plan as such.

Visual display

See the comparison and the differences between what you planned and what you did, both in bar chart and pie chart.

Ready-made calculations

Find out exactly what you did extra or minus. The number of hours is displayed and marked accordingly.

Timely insight

See on the dashboard, in real time, exactly what is the situation of your hours. Just take a look and you will know what to do

Customizable display

select to see only the columns with information you need. You can change this setting whenever you want.

Excel export

Read about Excel export

Anytime from anywhere

All tracking lists include export button in excel. Make the desired selection and press Export list. Very simple and efficient in data processing.

Quotations and Estimates

Export separately each one of the two forms, depending only on what you want to send to your future client.

To-do list & Someday tasks

The export is also valid for all your planning whether for a shorter or longer-term and, why not, even for your someday tasks.

Detailed list & Grouped list

Both time tracking lists can be exported in Excel, before or after you applied any desired filters, so you can use your data however you want.

Project Breakdown

Also exportable in Excel. . Make it available to the client and he will be happy to see the timeline of his project

Detailed timesheets

In this way, it is very simple to ensure the transparency of your collaborations and to ensure the loyalty of your clients


Detailes about calendar

Custom display

At your choice, you can display on the calendar, your Time-tracking records, the To-do list items, or both.

Daily, weekly or monthly

Depending on your needs, choose to view your Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Calendar. This includes both time tracking and planning

Processes To-do list items

The most efficient planning, directly on your Calendar. You can edit, clone, move, delete, or "set as Done" any To-do list item

Edit time-tracking

Make changes to the time-tracking records, make them directly in the calendar to make sure you don't overlap something

Daily To-do list on Dashboard

You know at a glance what you planned and what was next. For maximum efficiency, you can change your plans as you wish

Identification icon

The to-do list item you are working on will be marked with an Hourglass icon. That way you know exactly what stage you are in

Differentiating records

On the Detailed calendar, Time-tracking lines are clearly differentiated from To-do list items by displaying the related icons on each one

Color identification

The activities will be displayed in the calendar in the color you set when you defined the registration. It can be edited at any time

Completed VS Future activities

The colors with which completed activities are displayed are paler than those used for future activities.

Edit planning

Edit the time slots of the To-do list items by moving them to the desired interval, without accessing editing windows

Estimates / Quotations

More informations

Win more projects

Put here all the details of your offer and send the Estimate or Quotation to your future clients. It's professional and convincing

Multiple selection

Select as many lines as you need and process them or include them in your offer. Use the checkmark on the side of the lines

Arrange the informaton

Arrange your list however you want, in chronological or alphabetical order, according to hourly rates or any of the information displayed.

Easy Edit of your offers

If you have to create a new line similar to an existing one, then clone the targeted line and make any necessary changes

Turn it into To do list items

Set the date and time for Estimates or Quotations entries and they will automatically be added to your To-do list.

Changed your mind

Delete the date and time of an already scheduled Estimate to Quotation line and it will return to the offer status

Customize list columns

For better focus and ease of use, you can select the columns you want to be displayed in your list.

Export it as you need it

Select the desired records and export the list as Estimated or as Quotation depending on how you want to use it

Project breakdown

More informations

Your project timeline

Once you have planned all your project activities, you can get an overview of how things will turn out.

Edit your projects timeline

You can easily make any changes necessary to adapt the project to any new conditions or situations.

The already "done" activities

Including these can be displayed, to see exactly what you have already done in the project and also what you have planned next.

Export your project breakdown

To send it to your client so that he can see exactly how things are evolving, or for any other use, your Project Breakdown can be Exported in Excel.

Customize the columns

For better focus and ease of use, you can select the columns you want to be displayed in your Project breakdown.

Order of recordings

Select to see the entries exactly as you want. The head of each of the columns represents a filter that you can apply.

Detailed timesheet

More informations

For any project

Access the detailed timesheet of your projects to see exactly how much you worked and what you did

Attach it to the invoice

It is the safest and clearest way to ensure the transparency of the costs included in the issued invoice.

Filter the information

You can display all the activities included in the selected Project or just some of them.

Edit and clone

It is very easy to make the necessary changes in case you need to correct or modify the records.

Easily identify

You can identify any word from the description of the records using the search field

Any interval

Apart from the predefined time intervals, you can also set a custom range exactly for the period you need


More informations

Easy to identify

Select the Client and the time interval to see the invoices issued to him in that period

Paid VS Unpaid

See how much you've already collected and how much you still have to collect

Customize your invoices

Enhance your professional look by personalizing the invoices with your business logo

The taxes

Easily issue correct invoices, including the necessary taxes on the invoice


Offer customers the discounts you want, and easily include them in your invoice

Important information

You can include in the invoice the details related to the payment or other necessary commercial terms and conditions

Arrange the invoices

In chronological or alphabetical order, by status or value, you set the criteria by which you want to see the invoices

Export to pdf

With a single click, export the invoice in pdf format to use it exactly as you need it

Continuous Workflow

Detailes about workflows

Time tracking list → Detailed timesheet for invoicing

Once you have tracked your time, you'll have all the data needed in a detailed timesheet for billing. Export the form and attach it to the invoice.

To-do list → Time-tracking lines

The items from your To-do list become time tracking lines by simply starting them, even from your Calendar. Very efficient in time-saving

Someday tasks → To-do list items

Set a certain date or time interval for a Someday task and become a To-do list items. You can even estimate a number of hours if you want

To-do list items → Someday tasks

Change of plans? No problems! Just remove the data from a To-do list item and it becomes a Someday task until the next evaluation

Someday tasks → Time tracking lines

You planned that task for ... Someday, but suddenly came the opportunity to execute it right now. Perfect! Press Start and you're on

Clone lines

You're always on the run. Therefore, no matter what type of recording it is, if you have to make a similar one just Clone it

Start button

Any type of recording can turn into a time-tracking line exactly when you want. The Start button is available everywhere in the program

The "set as done" option

Sometimes things work out for themselves. Why not? Choose the "set as done" option. And if it was somehow an error then opt for "set as not done"