Introducing PlanArty

Why was PlanArty created?

At the dawn of the company, we were only a handful of people. Three to be more precise. Each of us was 100% dedicated to his work and each of us spent at least 12 hours/day at the office.

Yet, we had a major problem: the work was almost never done in time, and we constantly had money shortage problems.

These issues started to affect us on both, professional and personal level.

The only cause I could think of was that we were not using our time efficiently! The solution seemed simple enough: since we are programmers, let’s make an application to

  • Track our time. All our time, without any lost seconds
  • Do this in the simplest way possible. Our goal was to save our time, not to spend it by tracking it

And so PlanArty was created.

Looking back now, I realize that it was the most beneficial decision I ever made as an entrepreneur and as a person.

After only one month of tracking our time, we realized exactly all the issues we had and mistakes we were doing

  • Spending too much time on things having little or no importance at all
  • Splitting our time into too short intervals, jumping from one problem to the other without finishing any of those 100%
  • Being always available for outside interruptions, emails, social media, phones. Never focusing 100% on the job at hand!

Since the beginning, PlanArty is a good friend of us, always here to help, to tell us how much time we spent on a project or on a time category, how much we have to bill a client, also providing the detailed timesheets for the work done, and the list can go on!

PlanArty helps us to be a more efficient team, to have good relations with our customers, to have time for all the things we want to do at the office and in our private life.

Time is the only thing we cannot make more, yet it affects everything in our life. We choose to use it wisely!

PlanArty mission

Thanks to a team of dedicated colleagues, we provide our customers an online platform helping them to use their time in the most optimal way possible.
Try it for free!

PlanArty values

integrity1 Integrity
Always be straight and tell the truth. What we promise, we do!
punctuality Punctuality
Always keep the deadlines we’ve promised.
teamwork Teamwork
A team is always more powerful than a single individual. We always must work as one, single and powerful entity.
appreciation Appreciate our colleagues
Always making sure that the people we’re responsible for are rewarded in every possible way at the best of our capabilities.
education Education
Continuously improve ourselves by reading, seminars, webinars, courses...
celebrate Celebrate successes
Recognize and celebrate every success.
exceptional Excellence
Many people / companies are good. We must be more than that, we must be exceptional in everything we do.
support Client support
Keep a close relation with each and every client. Make sure they are satisfied, help them when they need it, and listen to their suggestions.
dedication Dedication
No matter how small or insignificant a task is, we must give 100% of ourselves in doing it.
technologies Use latest technologies
Always use the latest possible technologies. Make research and development a priority.
innovation Innovation
Continuously implement new things, things that other similar products don’t have.
help Help others
Give back to society a part of what you receive from it. Help where you can and where this help is deserved.