Let's learn how PlanArty can help us

Short descriptions of PlanArty's features and functionalities.

To do list

You know exactly what you need to do next and see clearly how your plans turn into reality.

Time tracking

Keeping yourself accountable for your billing hours improves your time management skills, boost your productivity

Someday tasks

Leaving aside the things you haven't committed to yet makes you work much more focused and efficient.

Planned Day vs Real Day

At a glance, you know exactly how things are and you make the right decision about your next move

Streamlined workflows

Your projects quickly advance from estimate to invoice, without unnecessary interruptions or repetitions


Customize your PlanArty to perfectly fit your needs. Set it to light or dark mode, set different colors for your projects, ...


Keep all your to-do list items and time tracking records in a flexible calendar where you can easily drag your items


Create your invoices directly from PlanArty. Use your detailed or grouped lists to gather invoicing amounts

Detailed timesheet

Use this list to see all your time tracking records. Filter it after project, client, activity. You can also clone existing tracks.

Project breakdown

You can see the timeline, make any adjustments, to compare what is already “done” and what you still have to work on.


For each one of the Activities that you want to include in this Estimate / Quotation, perform the following set of operations