Leave no task behind!

Update 12.6

We can't always solve all the tasks planned for a given time interval. In these cases, we reschedule these jobs. However, it is very easy to "forget" about some of them for various reasons, as the start of a new week hides them from our calendar, a received phone call, a social media message, and the list goes on.

To be sure that we'll never have unpleasant consequences due to forgotten tasks, PlanArty offers the following helpful feature.

In the upper-right corner of the user interface, we have the quick actions button

quick actions button

If it has a red dot on it, we have overdue tasks. An overdue task is a task with an ending date in the past and not set as done.

If we click on this button, the quick actions menu will appear. Next to the Overdue to-do items menu, PlanArty also displays the number of overdue tasks.

quick actions menu

By selecting the Overdue tasks menu item, we bring up the Overdue tasks window.

overdue tasks

For each such task, we can

  • Delete it
  • Edit it, and reschedule it by modifying its beginning and/or ending date
  • Set is as done
  • Move it to the Someday tasks list

Once this list is empty, we've done it! No overdue tasks.

Happy planning!