Turn your daily tasks into to-do list items and vice versa

Update 12.5
We can use these features when
  1. We have an unfinished daily job. In this case, we can merge it into a future to-do list
  2. We build our daily schedule. This time we open our to-do list and create unique daily jobs with an exact schedule

Daily task → To-do list

If we have a scheduled task for a given day and have no time for the job, we must either move it to another day or merge it into a to-do list to reschedule it for later completion.

Using a unique feature of PlanArty, we can simplify this procedure greatly:

  1. Right-click on the daily task you wish to merge into a to-do list
  2. Select the Merge option
    uncompleted task
  3. A new window appears to select the destination to-do list to merge the task. We can also create an entirely new to-do list from the same window if needed. The list of possible destinations will display each existing multi-day job starting in the future(tasks with only beginning and ending dates specified, without exact hours). In the example below, we have 3 potential lists, and we chose to do it in the tasks to be done on Thursday or Friday to-do item.
    uncompleted task

    Once we click the Merge button, the daily task will disappear and be merged into the selected to-do list.

    If we open the edit window of the destination to-do list, we can see that the daily task appears in the text of the list.

    Moreover, even the Project, Activity, and Client data is also saved as a special character sequence. This way, when we want to schedule the task for another day, PlanArty will also preserve these data.

    uncompleted task

To-do item → Daily task

We use this feature to make exact schedules for our tasks on our to-do list.

We merged the "Writing source code and finding/correcting the errors" into a to-do list in the previous step. Let's assume that the day comes when we want to perform that task.

So here are the steps to reschedule it with minimum effort:

  1. Open the edit window of the appropriate to-do list and select the portion of the text you wish to transform into a daily task. Then click the green "create new item" button:
    uncompleted task

    Please note that if what you want to turn into a daily task has a line like this:
    {{{project=Programing}{activity=Coding and debugging}{client=Amser LTD}}}
    it means that it was a daily task that you merged in the to-do list, and these were its parameters Project/Activity/Client. If you want to keep them, then select that part of the text as well, and these settings will be made automatically for the new task you are creating.
    Otherwise, select only the task text (for example, "Wash the car") and you can manually specify the Project, Activity, and Client for the newly created daily task.

  2. In the window that opens, set the date and time when you want to do that task and then click Save. At this point, the selected text is deleted from the initial to-do list, and your new daily task is created. You can also find it in your Calendar.

Happy planning!