PlanArty - Settings: Projects

How do you work with your Projects in PlanArty?
Simple and efficient, in a continuous flow from Detailed breakdown for Estimated through Project planning and Time tracking, all the way to Detailed timesheet for billing.

Here's how: It can start from the moment you decide that you are interested in this Project and prepare the Detailed breakdown for Estimate that you will send to your Client. After such a professional approach, of course, you will get to work on it.

Therefore, in PlanArty, you will turn the Estimate into Project planning. Moreover, you can send this to the customer as well. He will certainly be happy to know exactly what the timeline of the Project will be.

When you start working, in PlanArty you will just Start the planned tasks and this will turn them into Time-tracking lines. And, that’s it, let the billing day come! All you'll have to do is to Export the Detailed timesheet for billing. Really simple and efficient!

Watch the video to see what are the first steps to take in this direction. You will learn how to:
  • define a new Project
  • Initiate a New Time tracking for your Projects
  • plan your Projects with New To-do items or directly on the Calendar
  • create the Someday task items for issues for which you have not yet set a specific date but which you need to make sure you do not forget. Plus, when you decide on a start date, you can easily turn them into planningand later into time-tracking lines. Or, even better, directly into time tracking lines.
  • see absolutely all the details of your Projects on Detailed List
  • find out anytime from the Grouped list, exactly how many hours you worked and how much you have to bill for your Projects.

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