mariana holostenco

Mariana Holostenco

Marketer and content writer at PlanArty

Mariana is an Economist with a degree in Marketing and International Economic Affairs. And, because she is passionate about it, she also specialized in human resources management.

Her interest in time management began in her college years. Then, thanks to careful planning and the fact that she strictly adhered to her schedule, she managed to complete her studies and, at the same time, work to support herself and also spend time with family and friends.

Later her time management skills have proven very useful in successfully coordinating the administrative and human resources departments of the companies she has worked with.

Following her experiences, she clearly understood that rigorous planning is one of the key factors for effective time management and the basic tool is the To-do list. Over time she has researched, studied, and tested various techniques, methods, and methodologies that applied to our To-do list help us to remarkably increase our efficiency and productivity. As a result, she published the To-do list compendium, a paper that concisely presents (with examples and diagrams) 12 planning techniques and prioritization strategies. The purpose is to make it easier for the reader to choose a time management system that suits his specific needs and situation.

Delighted by the positive influence that efficient time management has on both personal productivity and business results, Mariana continues to research and study continuously everything that appears new in this field.

She's also keeping us all up to date, by constantly writing on PlanArty's Blog.

Stay tuned and certainly will be easier for you to constantly develop your time management skills and always keep your productivity high.


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